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Walt Disney Spa Chef - 1999 - 2002

This is my beautiful wife Wendy; we have been married for 20 years and have two children. 

Catering Services for Parties

Orlando Best Personal Chef

​My dream was always to be a great chef, early on my grandfather inspired me and taught me our famous family Italian recipes; passed down from generations.  After graduating high school my grandfather encouraged me to go into the U.S. Navy, to start my culinary career.  After finishing the Navy Culinary program, I quickly ascended from assistant galley cook to the Admiral's Private Chef.  This was an amazing time during my career; because, this is where I first learned the art of fine dining; while serving dignitaries all over the world.  With an honorable discharged, I went to college and received a degree in Hospitality Management and landed a position as Chef Tournade at Arthur's 27 (5 Star - 5 Diamond Award Winning Restaurant) where a famous chef took me under his wings, just like my Grandfather and help me fine tune my culinary skills.  

During this time, I always had an interest in nutrition, than an incredible opportunity arose and was promoted as the first "Spa-Chef" at Walt Disney's Buena Vista Palace Resort and Spa.  As Spa Chef I developed healthy recipes and trained chefs throughout the company; so Disney's guest could have a healthy dinning alternative.  I was than recruited as the Executive Chef for a natural food restaurant chain, with nine locations. It was here where he started getting a lot of request for special diets (gluten, dairy, vegan, etc.) and created meals for customers with food allergies and special diets.  When I saw the demand was so great, I decided to open Healthy Chef Creations, the first customizable fresh organic nationwide meal delivery service. It started small throughout Central Florida but quickly grew nationwide.  During this time, I developed the first fully customizable fresh organic meal program for families, seniors, pregnant mothers, professional athletes, that catered to special dietary restrictions and diets.   

In 2014, I sold the business because it was to stressful on my family and now I enjoy being Orlando's Best Personal Chef for families on vacation or wanting a catered dinner party or needing a private chef throughout Central Florida.  Looking back, I now see the hand of God directing me and giving me this gift to serve others.  

Award-winning Chef John Procacci has been a professional chef in the Orlando area for over 25 years and has a reputation of excellence.  He has a gift for culinary arts and loves serving delicious healthy cuisine.  During his career, he has won numerous culinary awards for his healthy inspired cuisine and has been a featured chef on The Food Network, Health, Self & Newsweek Magazines. 

  • The FOOD Network -  Awarded "Best Taste" Florida Chefs  2001
  • HEALTH Magazine - Featured Chef Awarded "Best Taste"  2009
  • NEWSWEEK Magazine - Featured Chef Awarded "Best Taste"  2007
  • SELF Magazine - Featured The Healthy Chef 2009
  • USA TODAY - Featured "Glutten Free" Chef
  • Orlando Magazine - Featured Healthy Chef, Healthy Eating Article along with Dr. OZ (see below) 2008
  • Orlando Home & Leisure Magazine 2009- Featured Chef, Wellness Articles
  • SPIRIT Magazine - Featured Healthy Chef 2011
  • Road & Travel Magazine - Featured Chef 
  • Chanel 6 NEWS - Cooking Class on Weight Loss  Link to Video
  • Earth Times Magazine- Featured Organic Chef 
  • Orlando Sentinel - Featured Chef 2005
  • Golden Palm Award - 1999, 2000, & 2001 
  • The Foodie Award “Best Vegetarian”   2000, 2001 
  • The Best of Orlando “Best Vegetarian” 1999, 2000, 2001
  • FOX NEWS - On-going Healthy Lunch Cooking Segments  
  • Food Magazine  “First Spa Chef” at Walt Disney Buena Vista Palace 1997
  • Received celebrity endorsements from NBA stars Grant Hill, Shaquille O'Neal, and professional golfer David Leadbetter. 
  • USN Admiral Award of Excellence while Captains Private Chef, 1991
  • Nutrition and Wellness, American Health Science University
  • AA Degree in Hospitality Management 
  • AA Degree in Culinary Arts School, United States Navy

​Chef John is Top Private Chef catering services for parties.